Natural Skin Care Company Reviews

"I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, so I'm always reluctant to try out new products. I haven't have any problems with Sea-el though because their line is amazing! I love that it's mostly organic and so does my skin. It has never felt or looked better!"
Brandi W., News Anchor/TV Personality
I recently bought your cleanser and day cream and would like to say that the products are "AMAZING!!", I've only used them for 6 days and they have SAVED my skin! I'm male, 35 years old and I live in a hot area with all year around sun and very high humidity. Have been using skin care products since my teens, I've tried many brands along the years from very expensive prestige, counter, salon-only brands to the cheap drug store brands and yours is THE BEST I have ever had!!! To me, finding the right skin care product is like falling in love- you need to open the many oysters in the ocean to find the right "pearl"..and I think I have fallen truly, madly, deeply for Sea-el!!!
Thank you so much for your amazing products, you now have a big fan all the way on the other side of the globe in the Far East. You guys are certainly on the right track.These products are miraculous and I think they are going to be very big!, so please keep up the good work, I can certainly vouch that your products are even MORE EFFECTIVE than the likes of other "marine" brands I have used, ie. La Mer, Thalgo and Phytomer".
Adrian, M.
"I love Sea-el so much, I'm actually kind of obsessed! I have tried many other skin care lines and this is the first that has drastically changed my skin for the better! Thank you Sea-el for creating such an incredible product!
Rachel Brooke S., Actress/Dancer (Bring it on!)
"After two days of use, my skin was much smoother and I felt like it took away that "tired" look. My face is a lot softer and "younger" looking. My skin doesn't get dry and scaly anymore, nor do I wake up with a greasy face in the morning. I have no problem wearing makeup over the Lamina Day Cream, like I do with other products.Overall, these are great products!"
Molly, Del Mar, CA
"I recently purchased your product at Sprouts Markets in Pacific Beach (CA), and I love it! I looked up every ingredient I didn't recognize on "Skin Deep" and everything in there checks out. I cannot say that for half the "natural" products on the market. I have had skin problems my whole life and have tried everything out there ( I know people say that but honestly I've tried everything at Sprouts, Whole Foods, ETSY and tons of Derm and Acupuncture places and nothing worked after a week) and this is myfavorite new skin care cream. No acne, soaks in fast, you can wear it under sunscreen and makeup, its just the best! I just wanted to say a big thank you and I hope you and our company successful future!
Rachel, San Diego, CA
"I love the (Lamina) Night Cream, after using, I could see a difference within days. I'm 58 and I feel Sea-el is amazing! Visible difference in tone and smoothness. After my 21 year daughter tried it, she loved it so much, she took my samples back to college with her! She said her skin was noticeably smoother and she felt it was improving small acne scars."
Linda, Arizona
"I feel that my face has more even color and feels nourished and clean. I love the products, soaks into my skin very well"
Linda, Orange County, CA
"I absolutely love these products!, I didn't think there was much help for "hormonal" acne out there, but Sea-el products made a difference to my skin in a week. MyHoly Grail acne product is the Kelp Clear Blemish Stick and the Micellar Toner I love to spray on after I apply makeup to help my face feeling and looking fresh. Amazing, amazing products!"
Mackenzie, Idaho
"I love this line, I am particularly addicted to the Aqua Elixir Micellar Toner! This product is fantastic to spray on clean face after work and before gym. I feel it necessary to protect my face from other people's randomness when using the gym equipment because I think I got pink eye a few years ago at the gym. I use the spray to keep hydratedand refreshed but with somewhat anti-bacterial properties. Itsmells great and has the added benefit of correcting sun damage and blotchy spots on decollete. The Naked Serum has really tightened my crows feet as well. Great line, but super awesome before the gym!"
Sonya, San Diego
“I just started using Sea-El’s Aqua Elixir Micellar Toner about a week ago and already see and feel a big difference with my skin! It’s amazing! I just spray and wipe before I go to bed and I wake up with hydrated, beautiful skin every morning! Wish I had found this sooner!”
-Leslie A.